Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Still dreaming

To celebrate our two-year anniversary, we went to Bazaar at the SLS and I'm still dreaming of all the food we ate.  For the most part, we love us some hole in the wall food.  Think pho, carnitas, k-town bbq, etc.  But of course the occasional fancy meal is always nice if it's worth the price.  Bazaar for sure was.  Delish!  Especially enjoyed the foie gras sliders, philly cheese steak sandwiches, braised wagyu beef cheeks, pisto vegetable stew with a poached egg on top... heck... it was all good!

A happy and full mama ready to turn in for the night

On a separate note, who the heck came up with those torture devices they use in reformer pilates??  I'm literally disabled today.  


  1. Great post +followed :)

  2. i was just at SLS for a wedding! looks like you had a lovely dinner. happy anniversary!