Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Shape up or ship out

Today, I signed up for my first Pilates class ever.  I've taken the random yoga class here and there, but never frequently enough to reap any long lasting benefits.  I've also had memberships to a few gyms, but went about once or twice a year.  Once again, never frequently enough to reap any long lasting benefits.  So you get the point.  I'm pretty lazy when it comes to working out or doing anything other than walking to and from my car to wherever it is I need to be.

Not to boast or throw it in anyone's face, but I've been blessed/cursed with a pretty amazing metabolism.  It's a genetic thing.  So in other words, I've always envied those with lots of curves and shape because not many curves here.  I can probably eat my weight in food and not gain a pound.  In addition, I've always been sort of the sinewy/muscular type without having to really work for it, but things have changed up in here of late.  

Earlier this year, I gave birth to twins.  For two months prior to their birth, I was literally splayed out on a couch on bed rest, force-feeding myself loads and loads of protein and calories as per doctor's orders (all while my actual stomach was probably the size of 1/2 my fist with no room to expand), chugging protein shakes and ensure supplements.  Needless to say, it was probably the most miserable time in my life (that of course led to the most happy time in my life).

On to the aftermath.  Instead of gaining a ton of weight and having to deal with that, my main problem was/is atrophy.  I remember that moment of looking at myself in the mirror one day and not really recognizing my own body.  I literally had no muscle left in my legs, butt, abs... I looked and felt completely like a wilted weakling.

The nuggets are now 6 months old, and 6 months of lifting them, carrying them around, walking up and down the stairs in my condo and elsewhere have helped rebuild muscle in my arms and legs but the abs and rump are still sort of a crying shame.

So here we are.  My first Pilates class ever.  I hope it's something I enjoy at least a little so that there's even a glimmer of hope that I won't jump ship after the first class, because God knows, mama needs it.


  1. You will love pilates. I certainly did!!!

  2. girl, it kicked my BEhind... hard.

  3. I loved pilates! I'm sure you will too. If only it didn't cost so much and if only I could squeeze the time for it . Enjoy!