Monday, October 31, 2011

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Cozy day

Yesterday was one of those days where I decided to keep the nuggets in their pjs... They just looked so cozy and comfortable while it's chilly out (for LA).

I remember actually buying something akin to a sleep n' play from J. Crew back in law school.  Somehow, it just didn't have the same effect...

And, what a cool fish bowl.  It looks somewhat precarious but neat idea nonetheless!

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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Busy busy

So mama's flying solo this week and perhaps from now on (which may explain the sporadic posts).  At least for most of the day, until someone comes and rescues me from the bottles, dishes, trays, toys up to my neck by day's end.  And guess what?  I've been loving it (at least for the past few days).

I'm by nature a huge multi-tasker and also need structure to my day and that's exactly what is happening by necessity.  Juggling two mobile 7-month olds is a formidable task, but I'm up for it!  I enjoy feeling 100% productive, as frazzling as it may be at times, and also having the privacy I've craved ever since having full time help here (never been much of a team player).  People may say I'm crazy for choosing to go at this alone, but now I can be as goofy, as mushy and as entertaining as I want.  

But of course I need to carve out some me time to keep my mind stimulated and my creative juices flowing so finding that perfect balance may take some rearranging and figuring out.  

That's my life in a nutshell this week so please bear with me as I get into this groove. 

On a different note, is fall finally here or what??  I've been waiting in eager anticipation, with sweaters in hand, pumpkin spice lattes in tow, scarves at the ready, but we still have the random hot day here and there.  Granted, I live in LA but still... I'm so ready for it to be cold and stay cold.  Today is perfectly overcast though, and guess what arrived?  My Rachel Comey Barbaro boots.  

Perfect timing and perfect shoe for this season.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Men's shirt in various forms

Pretty nifty video, although I'm not sure how many of these I'd actually wear myself.

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To tattoo or not to tattoo?  Back up for a second...

When you think of tattoos, at least when I do, images of the Hells Angels, society's misfits or girls baring their cheesily inked lower backs with very low riding jeans often come to mind- not attorneys/working professionals (or now retired professionals/stay at home moms) or other "respectable" members of society.

But I have one already.  I love it and think it's beautiful.  It's beautiful to me because it's meaningful and something I know I won't tire of.  It was never meant to be a fashion statement nor a statement of any kind.  It wasn't a spur of the moment decision.  So this isn't an issue of whether I want one.  I have one.

I actually walked into the tattoo studio yesterday but left without one because they didn't have any appointments available but I'm not really contemplating another.  I know I'm going to get one.  Location and content to be revealed at a later time.

Now that I'm a mother, of course the thought of whether I want my nuggets to see mommy's tattoos or whether I'd approve if they got one has crossed my mind.  Without getting into too intense or serious of a discussion, so long as they stay on the straight and narrow like I have and use their utmost discretion (and run it by me a million times before actually doing it), I won't have a heart attack.

One thing I did leave the studio with:

Love it.

And further to my last post (and somewhat of a non sequitur but what else is new?), baby body parts are the best, aren't they?

Everything's just so plump and precious...

Friday, October 14, 2011

Ramblings on a Friday afternoon

Hey out there!  Sorry my postings have been so sporadic and few.  Things have been pretty hectic and busy in the F household this week.  A lot of shifting things around, making some necessary adjustments, letting go of our nanny... that sort of thing.  Also, a lot of brainstorming.

One thing I've been dwelling on and learning to accept lately is that I can't be perfect at everything nor am I naturally gifted at everything I try.  For instance, I've realized that my creative juices definitely do not flow under pressure.  The "design" I came up with this week for my surface decorating pottery class was the type of design that made me want to giggle and run out of the room.  Like pretty hideous, but trying to be cute.

I've grown up pursuing things where there's always been immediate, tangible feedback on performance.  Report cards, competitions, rankings... Whether it be pressure from an outside source or from within, I expected nothing less than the best from myself.  I grew up with my violin teachers telling me, "unless you win grand prize, there's no point in even entering the competition," and I did.  Entering college, I moved to Cleveland to study with one of the most sought after teachers in the world, only to leave that life for law.  Upon entering law school, I told myself that I'd left a promising career as a violinist so I had to be first in my section, and I was.  And then on to the big firm gig and the in-house position.  So you get it.  It's been one thing after another with all my ducks in a row.

All this to say, I feel a bit directionless now.  I think I'm doing well at motherhood but who knows what the outcome will be?  There are so many variables and so much that's out of my control.  And while the vast array of possibilities out there in terms of interests and hobbies and potential future careers are exciting, I also feel a bit lost.  It's like I'm back at square one, but this time, I don't have my parents or teachers or anyone telling me what to do.  My ducks are all paddling their little feet in different directions at the moment.

One thing I do know:  I don't want to be the type of person who expects perfection and as a result, won't pursue anything for fear of falling short.  So my goal for the next few months is to focus on just a few endeavors and to stick to them no matter the outcome.   I want to reprogram myself to try try and try some more, even if I fall flat on my face because that's what I want to teach my nuggets.

Enough rambling.  Onto some mindless randomness...

One of the best purchases of 2011 are my Birkenstock Gizehs.  I was sort of on the fence with these as Birks in general are a little too hippie dippy for my taste, but I'm absolutely in love.  They're hands down the most comfortable shoes I've ever owned to date and pretty much go with everything.  Ok, not everything but so many things!  And, upon doing a google image search for them since there's something a little too intimate about showing a close up of my naked feet, I found pics of my girls Sofia Coppola  and Ashley Olsen wearing a pair.  Now I feel totally cool.

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Have a great weekend!  :)

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Who knew there were so many ways?

This video has been making its rounds in the blogging circuit and it's absolutely perfect for the upcoming chillier scarf-wearing weather! I'm definitely armed and ready now...

Monday, October 10, 2011

Snapshots of the weekend

How was everyone's weekend?  Ours was busy busy as usual but meaningful with visits from family and outings with friends.  Annnnnd.... it looks like our baby girl is finally over the worst of her stranger anxiety!  You don't understand what good news this is- like a big cloud's been lifted off our shoulders.  From bracing ourselves for hysterics every time we took her out anywhere (with people) to having her actually smile, enjoy herself, be held by others and show that sparkly personality that we're blessed enough to see day in and day out.  It's as if she literally woke up one morning and decided, "nah... not going to do that anymore.  It's just not cool."  It left as quickly as it came.

On a random note, those crackle polishes are definitely pretty cool in concept, but applied, they sort of remind me of separated yogurt or something.  Or a globe.  Good to change things up every once in a while though, right?

Have an awesome week everyone!

Friday, October 7, 2011

It's here and other cuteness

It's here!  As a follow up to this post, my Clare Vivier messenger tote in navy finally got to go home with its mama yesterday and told me it feels right at home with me.

and, really tugs at the heartstrings just how quickly they grow...

Want to cuddle them forever...

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Janet Echelman

Breathtaking string sculptures that evoke the aurora borealis.  Janet Echelman first conceived this creation while on a Fulbright lectureship in India where she learned traditional net weaving techniques from local fishermen.

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Getting my hands dirty

After putting the nuggets down for bed last night, mama stole away to get her hands dirty.  Can I just tell you how fun it is?  

Also, been loving my new fall scarf.  

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

In need of some inspiration

I've been feeling sort of dry lately.  In a creative sense.  Time to dust off the hiney and get moving on that front.  Some things are in the works but more to come on that.

Thought I'd share a bit of sunshine/rain with you.  Poor poor Usher has lost almost everything to the babies... including his bed (and baby boy looks pretty happy about it).

Monday, October 3, 2011

Work spaces

I'm always so inspired seeing people in their element doing what they love, whether it be a physician at an operating table or an artist at an easel.

Both The Makers and Work Place give us glimpses into the work spaces and the creative processes of super talented artists, designers, entrepreneurs... Would love to one day have a beautiful work space of my own.