Friday, September 2, 2011

Closing time

Exactly 1.5 hours until it's closing time here.  All the packing's done, many good byes have been said and I had my final meeting with my boss.  Had a pretty honest discussion about future plans for the both of us and sentiments about leaving the law- me to be with my twins and take a different direction in my life, and him, to retire and also take a different direction in his life.  All said, it was a great wrap up to my career as an attorney.  I almost wish he would have been upset or cold or less appreciative so I'd have more of a "to hell with you all!" attitude as I left.  Have I mentioned how I'm not good at good byes?  Ha.

So here we go.  We'll see if I start a new blog called "Out of Office Off" in half a year, but for now, to infinity and beyond!  Cheers!

Hubby's Congratulations for Leaving Flowers next to his Congratulations for Being Back at Work Flowers, all in a matter of 1.5 months.  Ha. 


  1. oh, wow, jennie! i didn't know you were making such a life change! big props to you -- i know you'll be successful wherever your future takes you! big hugs ~caroline

  2. Gorgeous flowers, love the arrangements!


  3. thanks kero! you're so sweet.

    bad joan- thank you! he does a good job :)