Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Another year older, a new chapter

I hope everyone had a peaceful weekend!  Mine was spent celebrating with close friends and family and mothering, mothering and mothering some more.  

Birthdays are usually just another day for me, and as I get older, they become less and less significant.  This year, my birthday marks the beginning of a new chapter of my life as a full time mom for my twins. To celebrate the occasion as well as our upcoming anniversary, my husband surprised me with this!   

My hubs is a very thoughtful man indeed.

And... my first attempt at making home made baby food.  For all you women / men out there making five-course meals every night, give a girl some credit!  Prior to this, I didn't even own, let alone know what a hand immersion blender was.  So yes, this makes me a very proud girl.

Why the odd shaped bits?  Because I forgot to peel them beforehand so I had to resort to using a paring knife.

Waiting patiently to get their grub on

Thumbs up mom!

Oh, and why was I mothering so much this weekend you ask?  Because this is what hubs was doing for most of it:

Taking conference calls in the closet is what he's resorted to for some peace and quiet.

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