Wednesday, August 24, 2011

The little sweater that could

There's this one assistant in our office whose cubicle is located as soon as you turn off the elevator banks.  If i had to choose a word to describe her, it would be sort of granola-y and audubon society-ish.  Ok.  I guess those are three words and not really words, but moving on.  In other words, I'm pretty sure she wouldn't be caught dead leafing through an issue of Vogue or scrolling through what the Fall 2011 trends are on Stylecaster.  Totally no knock on her, but just stating the facts.

So every day, she has this routine of hanging her outerwear on the outside of her cubicle and I pretty much can't help seeing what her daily pick is. 

Introducing Exhibit A:

Excuse the blurry image.  This was taken stealthily as I was walking by.

This one makes a frequent appearance on the cubicle.  Paired with her mom jeans and sneakers, it's just sort of meh but after I walk by, I always end up thinking to myself, "that's actually a pretty cute sweater, if only it was paired with blah blah blah..."  Does that make me hypercritical?  Stalkerish?  Too much time on my hands?  Weird?  I'll settle for weird.

Anyway, here are a few combos I had in mind:


 or how about this?

or for more of a work appropriate look, this:

or this:

You get the idea.  I can go on, but I have to finish drafting an amendment.  :(

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