Tuesday, August 23, 2011

I know what boys like...

I'm totally not a nail girl.  In fact, after 20 something years of being a hard core classical violinist, I still run to get the nail clippers as soon as I see any white above my fingertips.  Oh, and my cuticles are a mess.  But that aside, I still appreciate a good polish every now and then.  Nevermind that on my bitten down short nails, polish often makes me look like I have the hands of a rocker- a male rocker.  But enough self-deprecation. 

One polish that I've been loving all summer and even still is Deborah Lippmann's "I Know What Boys Like."  It's a pretty cool shade of blue-ish purple.  I've always been wary of periwinkle/lavender shades of polish.  At least on me, they make my hands look corpse like or like they got frost bitten.  Not flattering.  But this shade somehow doesn't have the same effect.  Also, it has a really nice shiny finish, doesn't chip easily and is pretty opaque with a few coats.  I will say it's expensive at $20 a pop, but I don't own many polishes so I fret not.

image via Into the Gloss

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