Monday, August 22, 2011

It is done...

Refer to item #3 in list from previous post.  Check.

So after much anguish and deliberation, I finally pulled the trigger.  I gave notice.  It's sort of a huge deal and for fear of getting a panic attack thinking about what I've done, I won't talk about it too much. 

I've been a working stiff for 6 years now- 4 years practicing corporate law at a big firm and 2 years at a studio practicing entertainment law.  Prior to then, I freelanced as a musician but I don't consider that work.  At least not in comparison to what I've been doing for the past 6 years.  I don't want to bore (my imaginary audience nor myself) with an extra long post, but I think it's time.  The law's been both good and bad to me, but my main problem with it is:  a) the lack of flexibility; and b) the lack of inspiration. 

I have two nuggets now who are my two hearts.  I want to be able to water them and watch them grow and the 1.5 hours a day I've been able to spend with them (on a good day) is just not cutting it.  I also want to explore interests and cultivate them.  Dabble in this and that and hopefully gravitate towards whatever speaks to me.  Being stuck in an office day in and day out wasn't helping me out in this respect. 

Of course my type A, prideful, overachieving, totally risk averse self is still wringing my hands a bit, but hopefully that'll wane with time and discovery.  And hopefully the guilt I feel will shrivel up and go away along with the traditional ideas of success and achievement. 

So here's to the two weeks I have left practicing law.  May you pass both quickly and slowly. 


  1. Congrats my friend. Have you read "Unbillable Hours?" - By one of your former law firm's alumni. The author would agree with you about the "lack of inspiration."

  2. Jennie, you won't regret it (most of the time :)). Staying at home definitely has its own challenges, but I know what you mean about having the time with your sweet (and sometimes stinky :)) babies. You will sometimes long for intellectual stimulation, I'll bet, but you're making a worthy sacrifice.
    Eun Joo :)