Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Ode to Emjoi

So I came back from Pilates early this morning (I'm so very proud of myself for going, as sleep deprived and lazy as I am) and noticed that I haven't shaved in forever.  Ok, before you get any images of hairy man legs in your head, I will say I'm asian.  But still... let's just say it wasn't that cute.

I bought an Emjoi Epilator a while back when all the makeup gurus on YouTube were raving about it since I'll admit, I can be a sucker for good marketing, but haven't really pulled it out all that much since.  However, after using it this morning, I remembered just how effective and easy it is to use.

Without getting into the hairy details (like that?), think of it as a bunch of tiny tweezers that grab onto even the finest of hairs and pluck them out as the head of the epilator rotates.  You just sort of sweep your legs, pits, whatever, in short strokes and voila!  Hair gone!  The best part is that, just like waxing, the removed hair doesn't grow back nearly as quickly as it does when you shave, and when it does, it's pretty wispy unlike the blunt ends of shaved hair.

In terms of pain, it literally feels like tiny little static shocks or something.  It's really not that painful at all, although my husband would probably beg to differ (I tried it on his arm and he starting screaming in pain even before it made contact with his skin).  I can't say how painful it would be for people with really dense or thick hair but I will say it's quick so at least the pain won't last that long.

So that's it!  Sold?  :)

And a YouTube video for good measure.



  1. so less painful than the old school OG epilady? cuz i definitely remember them being not so pleasant. but i like your pitch. i may have to get one now. =)

  2. Ha, I remember those things with the coils, right? Never tried them but I'm pretty sure technology has improved since the 80s!